Pursuing Dreams Beyond Hardships

Remus Echevarria

Growing up in a big family and experiencing poverty first-hand, Remus was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to finish his studies and pursue his dream of becoming a Social Worker.

He is the youngest in the family of six. His late father who died of pneumonia in 2014 was a garbage collector whilst his mother is currently a community health worker earning P2500.00 per month (A$ 67).

At a very young age, he learned about life, mostly the hard and challenging parts. Yet, that didn’t stop him from hoping and dreaming.

“When I finished my high school, I really wanted to study at college. But given that we didn’t have the money to support my studies, I decided to work so I could support it myself.”

He enrolled himself in one of the premium universities in his hometown, determined enough to take the first step into reaching his dream, education. But life as it was, Remus faced a lot of hardships along the way.

“I was a working student for a year but unfortunately my salary didn’t suffice to support all my university expenses and my work itself has affecting my studies, and that’s when I made the hardest decision, of stopping college for a while.”

Remus took this time to earn more money so he can go back to school. He landed a job in a call center company and worked there for three months. After that, he was hired by an online-based company and worked there for almost seven months. These two jobs gave him the money that could help him get through another semester. However, he was hesitant to go back to school as he didn’t only want to get through another semester, but he wanted to finish his studies.

“It was in May 2013 when I received the good news from the senior pastor of our local church saying that there is someone who was willing to sponsor young people who needed assistance in their studies and I’m lucky that I was chosen as one of the scholars.”

With the generous help of one of the MALIPAI donors, Mr and Mrs Rose and Trevor Williams, Remus was able to go back to college and is currently on his senior year. He is now looking forward to the day that he will get hold of his diploma, become a Social Worker and finally be able to make a difference to the lives of others.

“I thank God for everything He has done in my life, and for using Mr. Trevor and Mrs Rose, through the MALIPAI program to support my studies. Now, getting out of poverty and living a better life seems to be achievable.”


Remus (middle) together with his family.

Remus (middle) together with his family.


Through your generous giving, a life has been changed. A dream has become reachable. And a better life has been made available.

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