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REMIA SAUCE, 35 years old, Single Mum

She’s a single mum, but through your giving that sourced her start-up business, she found a partner in the form of her Macrame Bags business and was able to support her son’s needs especially his education.

For a single mother, how many percent is her chance to survive and support her child’s needs when she got no job?

When Remia was pregnant, and learned that her partner was not coming back to support her & the child, she decided to go back to Bacolod without any idea on how she’s going to support herself and her baby.

For three years since she gave birth to a beautiful boy named Benedict, Remia was solely depending from the support she gets from her sister who works abroad in exchange that she would take good care of her sister’s two kids. Though grateful for this kind of help, Remia still struggles with the fact that she herself can’t provide for her son.

Remia Sauce with her beautiful boy, Benedict

Remia with her beautiful boy, Benedict

“I am truly thankful to my sister for all the support she gave me and my son, but there were times when my son needs something, like school bag or shoes, even food, and I would be so shy to ask for the money from my sister, but I don’t have any choice but to ask. And as a parent, it hurts me to know that I can’t provide it myself.” Remia says.

But because of such generous heart like yours, Remia was granted with a loan amounting to Php 5,000.00 (A$147), which she used to start her own business, the Macrame Bags.

“I’ve learned how to make Macrame Bags for almost 3 years and though I know it can be use to generate income, I don’t have any capital to start with. And that is why I’m very thankful for the loan I got from the livelihood centre because I was able to buy the materials, cater orders, not realizing that that would be the start of my life changing.”

With the income she got from her business, she have outgrown dependence on her sister’s financial support and started providing for her son’s needs on her own.

“Being part of the livelihood centre has opened opportunities for me to start anew. I did not only get to start my own business, but I was also able to learn other things like rug & potholder making that I hope to make as a business as well. I just hope that the support will keep on coming because that help didn’t only change my life, but also my son’s.”

It’s your support and generous giving that can help more mothers like Remia start their own business and hope for a better future for their kids.

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